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Finding a Photographer

Some wedding photographers work from shop premises, others from their homes. Some undertake all types of photography (including industrial and commercial photography), while others specialise in wedding and portrait photography. Some businesses photograph hundreds of weddings a year; others maybe 20 to 30. Some advertise extensively; others very little. Some are members of professional associations; others are not. Unfortunately, none of these are criteria for distinguishing between a good wedding photographer and a poor one. Many wedding photographers can be found in the south Scotland area, including Inverclyde.

Ask friends and family about photographers

Begin by asking around: ask your family and friends. They may be able to give you names of photographers they have used with satisfaction (or otherwise, as the case may be!), or the names of other photographers they are aware of. Look out for the logo of the Guild of Wedding Photographers.

Find out available dates

When the wedding date is known, telephone around and find which photographers are available on that date. Since the majority of weddings take place on about 30 Saturday afternoons between April and October, many photographers become booked up a year, or even two years, in advance. (Incidentally, the same applies to the best reception venues. If you are having difficulty booking for your first choice of date, consider a Friday or a Sunday.)

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